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Product:Citronella Oil
Original planting:China Guangxi
Product NO:CO001
CAS: 8000-29-1

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Product description

Color and Shape: Light yellowish to brown yellowish liquid
Odor:Has the characteristic aroma of natural citronella
Relative Density(25/25℃):0.880~0.900
Refractive Index(20 ℃):1.4660~1.4730
Optical Rotation (20 ℃)(-)5°~0°
Citronellal content (%):35-45
Geraniol content (%) :85

Product details

Citronellal、Geraniol、Citral、 Isobutanol、Isoamyl alcohol、Benzaldehyde、1-Limonene、Methyl eugenol、Eugenol、Geranyl isobutyrate、γ-cadinene、Cadinol、Vanillin、Butanedione、Black pepper phenol、Sesquicitronellene etc.

Packed in Aluminum Bottle or Brown glass bottle which is clean, dry and without mixed gas. Or packed according to clients’ requests.

Storage Condition
Stock in the warehouse which is cool, dry and ventilated, avoid to polluting by mixed gas and far from fire.

Expire date
Usually 36 months under the condition that the requested stock and transportation, undamaged packing and sealed.

The main use of spices in the soap, detergent, also should be used for cleaning agents, pesticides.But the main purpose is from the citronella oil isolated citronellol and geraniol, to further synthesizing hydroxycitronellal, rose alcohol, citral, ionone, vitamin A and other a series of citronella oil system spices for deployment of cosmetics and food flavor, can also be synthetic menthol for medicine industry, and of ants fly drive to avoid agent etc.. Citronella oil also has the functions of sterilization, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, bones rehabilitation, etc.

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