Product:Cassia Oil
Original planting:China
Product NO:CO1001

Product description

Color and Shape:Pale yellow or claybank liquid
Odor:Cassia,taste pungent and sweet
Relative Density(25/25℃):1.045~1.072
Refractive Index(20 ℃):1.527~1.606
Optical Rotation (20 ℃):(-)2°~0°
Cinnamaldehyde Content(%):≥80
Flashing Point:99℃
Content of Arsenic(As)(mg/kg):≤3
Heavy Metal(Pb)(mg/kg):≤10

Cinnamaldehyde、Cinnamyl acetate、Salicylide、Eugenol、Vanillin、Benzaldehyde、Cinnamic acid、Salicylic acid Etc.

Packed in Aluminum Bottle or Brown glass bottle which is clean, dry and without mixed gas. Or packed according to clients’ requests.

Storage Condition
Stock in the warehouse which is cool, dry and ventilated, avoid to polluting by mixed gas and far from fire.

Expire date
Usually 36 months under the condition that the requested stock and transportation, undamaged packing and sealed.

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